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An opportunity to see Andrew McLean on TV 3 on Thursday 5th April 2012 at 7.30

An opportunity to see Andrew McLean on  TV 3 on Thursday 5th April 2012 at 7.30

As Spring turns to summer, you'll be getting out and about with your horses. Progressing in whichever area of riding we are involved in often throws up problems - e.g., our horse takes ages to load, goes faster and faster around a course of fences, fails to go in a nice outline during the dressage test, etc, etc!

Have you ever wondered why this happens, or been annoyed and frustrated at apparent 'boldness'? Fortunately, research into how the horse thinks, learns and what their thinking skills are is a rapidly growing field, and new insights from research being developed for improved training and re-training. We now have the tools to solve a range of behaviour problems commonly encountered with our horses, without resorting to punishment, shouting or other severe methods.

Dr Andrew McLean travels around the world teaching riders and horse owner's about the workings of the horse's mind, and about how we can apply this to our horses. With clinics in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand (where he recently carried out two 2 day clinics jointly with international event rider Lucinda Green - 6 times winner of Badminton), Belgium, Holland and England apart from his native Australia. We are fortunate that he has agreed in the last 2 years to include Ireland on his European tour, which includes a visit to Spruce Lodge in Wicklow on Saturday 21st April.

If you have not seen Andrew in action then on Thursday next (5th April) you will have the opportunity to hear and see him on Animal A&E, on TV3 at 7.30pm. He was interviewed by Pete Wedderburn on his last visit to Ireland in November 2011. The progremme includes Andrew demonstrating training techniques on 4 horses displaying different problem behaviours. If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of Andrew's lectures or demos, this will give you some insight into his approach to training and resolving problem behaviours in horses.

We are currently finalised our line-up of horses for our workshop on 21st April - watch this space for more details! We have one remaining slot - so if any of you are experiencing difficulties with some aspect of your horse's behaviour, and would like to benefit from Andrew's world renowned expertise, let us know and we may be able to include your horse in the programme. There will also be the opportunity for a small number of people to book private lessons with Andrew during the morning, also at Spruce Lodge, Wicklow. Lessons cost €60 for a 50 minute session focussed on any problem issue of your choice.


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